History  Of  The  Group


 Our first self-built telescope in 1975

The Omega group was born with its name in 1975, from the meeting of two boys united by the common interest in the Astronomy.
With limited resources a small refractor telescope was used for performing regular observations of double stars.
Today the group is made up of five members, working always together and also with various associations of Amateur Astronomers .

The LX 200 telescope Salvo Massaro Pio Passalacqua
Our site of observations from Palermo

Our Group started the systematical observation of galaxies for the searching of extragalactic supernovae in 1992.
First only visually, using an SC 10" F/6.3 telescope equipped with digital pointing, then using a CCD Sbig ST4 camera.
At the present our searching instruments are: a Meade LX200 10" F/6.3 (normally used at F/4.5) and a CCD ISI800-HS camera equipped with a Kodak sensor and a filter wheel. The magnitude that we can reach using these intruments, in about 90 sec. of exposure, permits us to make our observations from the town center, from the house of a member of ours so we can perform the observations regularly and frequently.
To manage the observative session we use two PC's, linked to the telescope, and the CCD together. For this purpose a special software, called RICERCA , has been designed to execute all the pointing operations, image acquisition and data storage fully automatically. 

The latest version of this software is also capable of centering the object,  by using the mouse precisely and quickly, in order to accelerate all the operations preceeding the CCD image acquisition.

An astronomical evening with some members of the G.A.P. Group
From Left: G.Arcuri, P.Passalacqua, A.Frosina, M.Ciofalo, M.Asciutto, S.Massaro, G.Fanara